5 Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words

Babies and toddlers often love to look through pages of books. Many will also create their own stories using the pictures. However, as they enter school, they learn that the words on the page actually mean something. They are there to tell the story the author wrote. Unfortunately, reading can often be such a tough, stressful skill for students to learn! One incredible way to turn students into readers involves teaching sight words. This is due to the fact that the same words appear in stories, posters, and signs. Thus, once students learn their sight words, they are well on their way to reading words on a page. Thankfully, these 5 fun ways to practice sight words will help students not be scared when learning new words!

Editable Sight Word Center Building Bricks Task Cards 

Many students love hands-on learning. When they can take the material and manipulate something, the content naturally sinks in deeper. Therefore, this is the perfect activity to add to your word work centers! To begin, students will pick a card, which contains one word. Then, they will practice their fine motor skills while using small bricks to create different sight words. There is even a writing template form in order for students to practice writing the sight words they built.

After they build and write one word, they can then draw a new card for the second word. To fit all classrooms, the building brick cards even come in six different color-coded sets. Specifically, the sight word cards include Pre-Primer, Primer, Fry’s first 100 words, first, second, and third-grade words. Even better, there are easy to edit flashcards, which means you can make any words! 

Editable Sight Word Flash Cards with Dough Stampers 

Oftentimes, something that is eye-catching helps keep students engaged. Thankfully, these cards are filled with options in order to help excite all students. First, they are offered in black and white or color. Second, they are editable, so you can switch up the words based on the sets you use. Third, they are ready to go, so they just need to be printed. As a tip, lamination will help them last a long time! Fourth, there are so many options available. For instance, cards are ready for Dolch Pre-Primer, Primer, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, and Fry’s first 100 words!

To help keep everything organized, they can be hole punched in the corner and stored on a ring for students to flip through. However, they can be used for more than just reading the words on the card! They can be an excellent hands-on center. My students love using dough stampers and play-doh to build the words! They are always so engaged that they don’t realize they are learning new words and identifying different letters.

Editable Sight Word Worksheets

Engaging and interactive lessons do not always require a ton of supplies! Here, there are editable worksheets to work on all different skills. Yes, that means each page is editable with Adobe in order to select which words learners need to focus on! Each page is also FILLED with fun activities! For instance, students can trace a word, write it, build it, color it, and read a fun fact.

To fit all classrooms, the worksheets can even be printed in color or black and white. Furthermore, there are two versions to work on different skills based on the needs of your students. As an added hands-on element, students can even use these lowercase letter stamps to build sight words! 

Editable Sight Word Flash Cards with Shaving Cream 

It is so helpful to use the same resource but in different ways. Here, I use the sight word flash cards again, but in a new way to keep the center exciting. Now, students can use shaving cream in order to practice spelling out each word. This is an incredible way for students to practice saying the word, forming letters, and having correct spacing between letters. 

Grab the editable sight words now!

Color by Code FREEBIE

One of the best ways to help students gain confidence in themselves is through fun activities. When they are having fun, they are less stressed out about not knowing something or making mistakes. Thus, Color by Code are the perfect activities to use. They are creative, engaging, and hands-on! In this FREEBIE, students practice pre-primer and primer sight words, letter recognition, numbers, and number sense! It is filled with fun ways to learn! 

Sight words are critical for students to learn. The better they can identify them immediately upon looking at them, the stronger their comprehension and understanding will be. However, it is so important to guide students into this learning. Otherwise, they will get overwhelmed and not believe in themselves. Therefore, these 5 activities are all incredible ways for students to learn sight words while having fun! 

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