Fall Fun Activities in the Classroom

Fall is such an exciting time in the classroom. Between finally getting into a routine and developing relationships with students, the days go much smoother. Therefore, fall also means it is the perfect time to bring in new projects and activities while lesson planning. Students have worked so hard to overcome summer learning loss and waking up early. Thus, they will love and appreciate when teachers incorporate fall fun activities in the classroom! 

Fall Fun Classroom Activities 

Now that teachers have had time to learn about students, it is time to bring in some creative projects. Additionally, now that students understand expectations, they are ready for more centers or independent work. Honestly, it will be amazing to stand back and observe how fun, engaged, and hard-working students are. 

Fall and Halloween Themed Books 

Students of all ages love to sit and listen to the teacher read to them. Additionally, they love to curl up in a comfy spot and read a book to themselves or to a friend. The power behind reading is absolutely amazing. Therefore, be sure to check out the list of Fall Books and Halloween Books! After exploring some of these incredible titles, students are going to have a new favorite!

Fall Bulletin Boards

Whenever walking down the hall, one of the most exciting aspects is to explore the new bulletin boards. Now, your bulletin boards will be the hit of the school! With the Fall in Love with Reading bulletin board, all students will see how exciting reading is. Additionally, the Save a Turkey, Feast on Books Bulletin Board is the perfect way to add festive decor during November. Even better, it includes a fun writing activity! 

Fall Color by Code

Color by Code activity sheets are always a hit with students! Between following the code and creating a cool picture, students are so focused. Hence, the Color by Code Fall Bundle is filled with fun and engaging ways to help students practice words, letters, number recognition, and number sense. Even better, the sheets are EDITABLE using Adobe and PowerPoint. Now, you can pick what your learners need to focus on. Be sure to check out the Color by Code YouTube Video to see how great this bundle is!

Halloween Color by Sight Words 

Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary. Thus, the Halloween Color by Code sheets are perfect ways to show learners how festive and cute Halloween decorations can be. The pages help students practice pre-primer/primer sight words by creating adorable Halloween pictures. Even better, the sheets are EDITABLE using Adobe and PowerPoint. Now, you can pick what your learners need to focus on.

Fall Color by Code FREEBIE

These fall-themed color by code pages are a great way to see how much your students love this kind of activity. The freebie includes sight words, letter and number recognition, and number sense. Students will have a blast learning with these worksheets. 

Halloween Color by Sight Word FREEBIE

These Halloween-themed color by word pages are such helpful ways for students to practice sight words! Ultimately, they provide a hands-on way to practice essential material. They are even editable in order to focus on the needs of your students! 

Fall is one of the most exciting times in the classroom. Students are comfortable being in the classroom without feeling burnt out yet. Thankfully, this means that teachers can add in creative, hands-on activities! Students are going to be so focused, happy, and engaged when completing any of the above activities. 

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