Celebrating Christmas in the Classroom

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly is the philosophy that many teachers and students enjoy as Christmas approaches. Between Christmas decorations to students writing a letter to Santa, so many are excited for December 25th to finally arrive. However, students are also excited to spend time celebrating with their classmates! Truly, a classroom becomes a family over the course of the year. Thus, it makes sense to focus on celebrating Christmas in the Classroom. Students will have a blast before going home to celebrate with their families. Get free holiday teaching resources below!

Our Favorite Christmas Books 

While Christmas at home may mean baking, seeing family, and opening presents, it doesn’t have to mean that at school. Truly, there are so many ways to celebrate Christmas in the classroom! One of my favorite ways involves reading a festive book. Thankfully, there are so many great ones to pick from! Each year, our List of Favorite Christmas Books is FILLED with incredible options! Even better, it includes a ton of options. For example, it includes everything from God Gave Us Christmas to The Dinosaurs Night Before Christmas! This list has books for all classrooms. 

December Bulletin Boards 

One of the best ways to begin celebrating Christmas in the classroom involves bulletin boards! In order to unite Christmas with classroom content, ‘Tis the Season to be Reading is a perfect choice! The set comes with circles that can be personalized with student names. Additionally, there are even editable writing templates. Here, students will be able to write about their favorite book! We love putting up this bulletin board every year. 

Christmas Classroom Activities 

Understandably, teachers may become overwhelmed about setting aside class time to celebrate Christmas in the classroom. However, Christmas and content can unite! Thus, no class time is lost while celebrating. 

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Christmas Color by Code Sight Words 

Practicing pre-primer and primer sight words is so important! Oftentimes, students love being able to color in a picture while identifying sight words. Hence, the Christmas Color by Code pages will be a hit for morning work, independent learning, and centers. Additionally, they are perfect for early finishers or take homework! Students will be able to create a festive picture while practicing essential words to know. Even better, they are editable using Adobe and PowerPoint! Now, each teacher can incorporate the words his/her class is learning or reviewing. Be sure to watch Christmas Color by Sight Words to see how engaging these worksheets are.

Roll and Cover Numbers 1-12 

This exciting Christmas Roll and Cover activity is one students will love! They will practice numbers 1-12 by rolling a die or dice. Then, they will cover the Christmas-themed items with a themed eraser or bingo chip. Additionally, each mat includes a joke, would you rather question, or conversation starter to make things extra fun! To accommodate all classrooms, there are color and black and white printable options. Truly, celebrating Christmas in the classroom will be educational and engaging! Be sure to watch Christmas Roll and Cover Numbers to see how incredible this resource is. Since students will love this activity so much, there is also a FREEBIE on  Roll and Cover Letters and Numbers! Here, students will have fun practicing number and letter recognition. 

Celebrating Christmas in the classroom is one of the most exciting times of the year! Between the student excitement and creativity in lessons, it will be a time students never forget. Thankfully, these resources help ensure that students are still working on content while awaiting Santa’s arrival!

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