5 Reasons to Use Color by Code

Engagement. Interactive. Rigorous yet Supportive. These are three aspects in education that are important in all school districts. Teachers know that in order for students to truly learn, they need to be engaged with the content. Oftentimes, this involves something that is interactive or hands-on. Additionally, the content should be rigorous enough to challenge students but have enough supportive aspects to avoid them being overwhelmed. Due to all of this, being a teacher can be so hard! One highly popular learning technique for some of the youngest learners involves Color by Code activities! These 5 reasons to use Color by Code in the classroom will show how this one activity can work with all different content. 

colored by number

What is Color by Code/Number Coloring Pages? 

Color by Code/Number Coloring Pages involve students using a code box to color in a picture. One image will be separated into many areas. Then, there will be something written in the spots. These may be sight words or numbers. Students will see a code at the bottom of the page. For instance, it may say the word do needs to be colored in blue. Students will use the code box in order to color in each area with the correct colors. Be sure to check out this FREE Color by Sight Word resource to try out all of these amazing benefits!

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5 Reasons to Use Color by Code in the Classroom 

While there are many activities to find on the internet, the Homeschool Style Color By Code/Number has everything ready for you! Therefore, you will not have to spend time searching for high-quality resources. Instead, this store contains TONS of high-quality, educationally-based resources for you to pick from. When considering implementing Color by Number, consider these reasons on why it will be a game-changer in the classroom. 

1. Easy to Differentiate

Differentiation is vital in any classroom. Students are at all different levels and need activities that are at their learning level. If the material is too hard, they will get frustrated and overwhelmed. Thankfully, Color by Number activities are easy to differentiate! With all of these Color by Code Activities, they are editable using Adobe or PowerPoint. If you do not have Adobe, it can be downloaded here. With this feature, each teacher can choose which skills their learners need to work on. This works best since every teacher knows what works best for his/her classroom. Ultimately, each student can complete these fun activities at the just right level! 

2. Build Engagement 

Color by Code/Number activities are all about learning in a fun format. Students will be so excited to complete the picture that they will have so much fun completing the page. Due to this high level of engagement, students won’t even realize how much learning is going on. Instead, they will be asking for more and more of these fun activities! All of the pages in the Homeschool Style Store even include a fun joke, conversation starter, and/or fun fact on every page! Thus, students are not only engaged with the content but will have helpful ways to build socialization skills with other classmates. 

3. Helps with Fine Motor Skills 

With any Color by Number/Code worksheet, students are working on several skills at once. First, they are working on the skillset on the worksheet, such as number identification or sight words. Second, they are working on developing critical fine motor skills. Children are holding crayons and coloring within small areas. Therefore, children are also working on hand-eye coordination in order to stay inside the lines while manipulating tools. 

4. Actively Learning Content 

Many times, students love to be active in the classroom. Whether moving around or talking to friends, they love to be up and doing something. However, not all content is supportive of this. Thus, it takes a lot of planning from caring teachers to make lessons engaging. Color by Number/Code allows students to be working on hands-on activities while focusing on content. Children have to match the number or code to the picture. Then, they will color in that spot. Therefore, students are always active in the learning process while practicing a variety of content.  The Homeschool Style Store has everything from pre-made pages for pre-primer and primer sight words to letter and number recognition! There are even ones for number sense.

5. Creativity in Action 

Unfortunately, so much content tells students how something must be solved. Whether how to set up a math problem or how to complete an assignment, students are often limited in choice. Thus, Color by Number/Code allows students to practice content while showing creativity. For instance, if students have to color something blue, they can select which blue they use. Some will also color darker while others shade lighter. While students are working on a similar picture, everyone gets to make it their own! 

Color by Number

Color by Number/Code will truly be a game-changer in the classroom. Students will be so engaged and excited to complete the different pictures. Due to this, they will be excited to learn in order to finish each picture. When working on these activities, students are going to have smiles on their faces with minds and hands continuously working. Since these pages will be so popular, be sure to check out the Color by Code Mega Bundle in order to have options to last the entire year!

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