The Best Winter Books for Kids

One of the best ways to keep warm involves cuddling under a blanket while reading a great book during winter. While this may not be entirely possible in the classroom, students can still warm up while reading good winter books! Thankfully, there are so many options to pick from no matter the age or interests of students. Additionally, the books can relate to the classroom lessons and decor with this Winter Books Bulletin Board! By utilizing this resource and the best winter books for kids, the students will gain excitement about reading. 

Winter Books Bulletin Board

This adorable penguin-themed bulletin board kit is the perfect way to add winter decor and encourage a love for reading.  For the cute phrase, the bulletin board will read: “Chill Out with a Good Book!” Then, there are circular cut outs featuring penguins. Thus, the prep work will be quick and stress-free. Ultimately, anything can be placed inside the cut-outs! However, I love to add student names or winter book titles. Since every teacher has different needs, there are several printing options with different sizes and color or black and white.

The Best Winter Books for Kids

I love to feature winter book titles inside the penguin cut-outs as a way to generate interest in our lessons. Below is a list sorted by some of my favorite themes or trends. Whether reading them all or allowing students to pick, they all have an incredible story for students. 

Animal Themed Books 

Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story

Winter Books

This sweet story is about animals starting their hibernation journey. Students will love traveling on an adventure in order to learn how animals prepare for winter. 

Over and Under the Snow

Winter Books

This story shows students how animals live during the winter. For instance, students will learn how some animals hide or need to hibernate. Additionally, they will learn how animals get food and stay warm while sleeping. 

Animals in Winter 

Winter Books

Some of the best winter books for kids involve educational aspects. Thus, they will learn about science concepts surrounding seasons and winter animals in this story. 

The Snowy Nap

Winter Books

This story contains beautiful illustrations of winter weather and cute animals. Honestly, students will love reading about hibernation and some of the most exciting events during the winter. 

Weather-Related Winter Books 

A Thing Called Snow 

Winter Books

This picture book contains inspiring illustrations! Students will love learning all about snowflakes and ice crystals. 

The Story of Snow 

Winter Books

Honestly, this book pairs perfectly with a science lesson on snow. This winter story will teach about snow, snowflakes, ice crystals, and precipitation. 

Best in Snow 

Winter Books

To learn about snow, students will view it in different pictures. It is perfect when explaining snow to children who rarely experience it. 


Winter Books

While winter weather is pretty to look at, it can also be scary. Hence, students will learn about the Blizzard of 1978 and realize how quickly snow can accumulate. 


Winter Books

Honestly, one of the best parts of snow involves playing in it! Thus, this is the perfect book to remind everyone to play in the snow. While it may be hard for kids to wait on their parents, the wait is always worth it in the end. 

Snowman and Snow Globe Themed Books 

How to Catch a Snowman

Winter Books

Many times, students love to build snowmen! Now, they will learn how to catch them! This book has creative stories that will hold students’ attention span. 

Sneezy the Snowman 

Winter Books

Sadly, Sneezy does not realize what warming up will do to him. Thus, he is trying to warm up. Thankfully, a group of kids help show him kindness on his journey for warmth. 

The Snow Globe Family 

Winter Books

Students will enter the magical world inside a snowglobe. Here, they will take the journey of a tiny snow globe family who cannot wait to turn upside down.

Snow Globe Wishes 

Winter Books

Often, students love a snow day! In this story, students will imagine everything they can do in the snow. 

Peaceful Winter Books 

Ten Ways to Hear Snow 

Winter Books

Ultimately, winter creates a quieter feeling. Hence, this grandmother and grandson explore ways to hear snow. Sometimes, the best winter books for kids remind them of the peaceful feeling the winter season brings. 

Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light

Winter Books

This touching story shows different ways to be kind and selfless during the winter. Honestly, it can be used any time of the year and is the perfect way to reinforce friendship. 

The Snowflake 

Winter Books

This story is told from two different perspectives. Specifically, it is about a falling snowflake and a girl with a wish. Students will be eager to discover how the different worlds collide into something amazing! 

Thankfully, there are so many options when selecting the best winter books for kids. With the options above and the Winter Books Bulletin Board, students will love winter days spent in the classroom!

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