American Symbols Picture Books That Are Perfect for Presidents Day

American Symbols and Presidents Day are such fun topics for little learners. Whether you’re hoping to provide some insight into American Presidents or learn about memorials and monuments, there is so much to cover! Luckily, I have some great tips and books to help you make the most of this topic. Let’s dive into my favorite patriotic American Symbols picture books and activities! These are great for celebrating Presidents Day or any other time of year you’re covering American Symbols!

If you know me, you know that my love for picture books runs deep. They are the perfect addition to a lesson, to use as a read aloud, or just to help our students learn to love reading. Because of this, I weave them in everywhere that I can, including Presidents Day and our USA unit. If you’re ready to dive into this grand topic with your students, I know you’ll love these books!

1. Celebrating Presidents’ Day by Kimberly Jordano

Celebrating President's Day by Kimberly Jordano is a fantastic addition to your American symbols picture books list and will help even your younges students understand the concept of what it means to be a president.

First up, this picture book will help your students understand the meaning behind Presidents Day as well as what a president is. I love this book for younger students who might be brand new to this concept.

Children will learn about the important role of a president and the duties they have. I like to make a large anchor chart with students after we read through it. This can vary based on the ages of your kids. You could list out duties, characteristics, or even words that define the ideal candidate!

2. Is a Bald Eagle Really Bald? by Martha E. H. Rustad

Explore the great American symbol the bald eagle in this enchanting American symbols picture books addition.

If you’re looking for an American symbols picture book to make your students smile, this is the one! This clever story discusses how the bald eagle became the Great Seal of the United States.

Students will not only learn the history of this important American symbol, but they’ll also learn many interesting facts about eagles as well!

After reading, consider diving deeper into lessons on bald eagles to mix some science in with your social studies lessons!

3. The Washington Monument by Kristen L. Nelson

This fascinating, American symbols picture book covers one of the most famous symbols of all! In this book, students will learn about The Washington Monument, the history behind it, as well as some interesting facts about its construction.

With real-life pictures to complement the text, your students will love this book! Check out my full list to see similar books about the Lincoln Memorial and Mount Rushmore if you like this style!

4. If I Ran for President by Catherine Stier

Ready to infuse a bit more electoral information into your lessons? This book will captivate your students instantly! In this book, students will explore what it would be like to run a political campaign for U.S. president. They’ll learn about all the ins and outs of the election process and what happens each step of the way.

This is a great book to use as a starting point for an epic writing prompt! Ask students to consider what their campaign might be like and what their first mission as president of your school would be.

5. O, Say Can You See? by Sheila Keenan

This book does such a wonderful job of providing a broad overview of America’s symbols, landmarks, and songs! Students will love following along as you learn about each of the noteworthy symbols that represent America. This is so important because, I find that once students understand the symbolism, our lessons tend to “stick” much more so.

As an added bonus, this book also covers important places in the United States such as Plymouth Rock, the White House, and more!

6. Curious About the White House by Kate Waters

If you’re hoping to explore the White House in your American symbols picture books, this one is just the ticket! In this book, students will learn about the infamous building at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Students will explore interesting facts about the people who have lived there. They will also discover the history behind the White House and how it came to be. This one has plenty of real-life pictures and fun information that students will love!

7. America the Beautiful by Cholena Rose Dare

In this picture book, students will celebrate the diverse beauty of America from sea to shining sea! Children will learn about the vast differences in the landscape from state to state and what sets each one apart.

In this book, you’ll find maps, pictures of national parks, and even info on state birds. This is a fun read for kids of all ages and will make all of your students understand the pride and privilege of living in America, the beautiful!

8. F is for Flag by Wendy Cheyette Lewison

This book is great for Flag Day, Presidents Day, or any other time of year you’d like to introduce the American flag.

This book discusses the many meanings behind a flag such as a symbol of unity, a sign of being welcome, and a sign of community.

I like to follow up this story with some kind of American Flag craft. You can have students try painting, coloring, or paper weaving with patriotic colors to make your own flag crafts.

9. Can We Ring the Liberty Bell? by Martha E. H. Rustad

This American symbols picture book will answer all of the questions your students have about the Liberty Bell! In this story, a class full of students takes a field trip to see the Liberty Bell. Students on the trip learn why it’s cracked, when it was last rung, and where it got its name. This book discusses symbolism as well as a lot of interesting facts about the Liberty Bell itself.

This book is a bit longer, so you might want to break up your reading into sections, depending on the ages of your students.

10. L is for Liberty by Wendy Cheyette Lewison 

This last book on my list is perfect for those of you who would like to explore the history of The Statue of Liberty with your students. This book offers information on this iconic American symbol that will fascinate your whole class.

This book is simple enough for the youngest learners, but packed with tons of great information, so it’s a great one to add to your list!

Even More American Symbols Picture Books

These are just a few of my favorites, friends! Don’t forget that I have a whole list of great books on this topic on Amazon! These books are great for helping to facilitate your social studies lessons and provide some history on Presidents Day. And don’t forget you can find some complementary teaching resources in my February activities pack as well!

Activities to Complement American Symbols Picture Books

This is a BIG topic friends! The good news is that since there’s so much to cover, you can pick and choose what to include based on the skill level and age of your students. Personally, I love this topic because it’s so broad. As a proud American myself, I love teaching students about the history of our U.S. Presidents and the many symbols that represent the American people.

As with any new topic, I’m a big fan of using thematic materials to tie everything together. When it comes to American Symbols and Presidents Day, I use many of the cross-curricular resources in this unit to support learning. In addition to the resources for this topic, you’ll find many more typically taught in February as well! Inside you’ll find math and literacy centers, writing prompts, crafts, mini-readers, and more. Using these fun and engaging activities alongside my favorite American Symbols picture books is such a simple and effective way to infuse some patriotic spirit into your month!

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